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Tajon' Residence

Seattle, WA
Tajon' Residence, Seattle
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This bungalow renovation involved extensive remodeling of the existing main floor and the addition of a new partial second floor. The existing main floor was opened up to a two-story interior 'courtyard' space with a library bridge that spanned overhead. The three bedrooms & two side-by-side bathrooms that existed were small & claustrophobic and were reconfigured into one larger bedroom with an adjacent bath & laundry and a studio open to the interior courtyard. The new floor above contained, in addition to the library bridge, a new master bedroom suite with sleeping, sitting, dressing and bath. The client wanted the finished house to clearly express the transformation it had undergone and this was accomplished by juxtaposing less traditional shapes with the existing bungalow forms and cladding them in more industrial materials.